Selected Works


Still, No Grace — Madhouse Press, 2021 (forthcoming). Winner of the Madhouse Editors’ Prize.



“Personality Quiz: What Kind of Trans Bird Are You?” and “Poem in Which it is Clear I Am No Longer the Crude Gourd”DIAGRAM

“A Hollow Cavity in the Chest Which is Also a Community Theatre”Sixth Finch


“The Dim Force of Light”Palette Poetry

“[There’s nectar everywhere. You can’t stop me]” and “Girl/Moon/bringer”Puerto del Sol (“[There’s nectar everywhere…]” nominated for Best New Poets 2020)

“ripejawceremony” — Underblong



“Burt Reynolds is Every Character in Blade” — Drunk Monkeys (nominated for Best of the Net 2020)

“A Bird that Hums” — Pithead Chapel